Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Wow I'm so proud of myself. I finally have my own little corner where the purpose is to write everything that I'm feeling. Not that I don't do that anyway on AsianAvenue. ^_^ Today I don't really know what I'm feeling. I'm supposed to go to work later, and I kinda don't want to. I always feel awkward walking in, like I'm not part of the "Gap Kids Crew" or something. So I will be applying for a new job. *applause*

Family wise: I'm getting along okay with my parents. They keep going through this thing that if I move out fine but I'm not allowed to ask for money, which is cool with me because I wanted to do this by myself. Or then they just flat out say NO and that I'm not moving out until I have an established career and I'm married. But I just go ahead and tell them that, I am moving out, but I still lubberz them =)

Friends wise: I love my four girlys!! Jennifer, Becky, Hannah, and Joyce!! Y'all are my sistas n I don't know where I'd be without you!! Although JOYCE, you forgot to tell me you're going to the Phillipines (sp?). And I know that Becky and I have had some problems lately, especially since we're both so friggin stubborn, but I'm glad we're over it.

Guy Wise: Friggin ay!! NO COMMENT